MonitorGui display and control a Monitor

Inherits from : JITGui

MonitorGui displays the state of a NodeProxy's Monitor. 

It is used in NdefGui, ProxyMixer, and NdefMixer. 

See also: NodeProxy, Ndef, JITGui, NdefGui

First examples




// make a MonitorGui with all bells and whistles

m = 500@40, options: [\playN, \name, \level, \fade]);

// when it has a kr proxy, it is visible, but disabled


// with an ar proxy, it is enabled


// show its play state

Ndef(\a).play // 

// and volume



// switch to playN mode - spread outputs should show

Ndef(\a).playN([0, 2]);

// switch back to play - spread outbox goes back




*new (object, parent, bounds, makeSkip, options)

object - the nodeproxy whose monitor state will be shown, or nil.

parent - a parent view where MonitorGui is to be shown. If nil, a window is made.

bounds - bounds where the view (or window) will be shown.

makeSkip - a flag whether to create and start a SkipJack for auto-updating.

options - an array of symbols for options of what to display. 

g = MonitorGui(Ndef(\a)); // barebones


w =; 


g = MonitorGui(Ndef(\a), w, 300@40);


// different options: 

// a playN dialog button

g =\a), options: [\playN])

// bounds\a), bounds: Rect(100, 100, 400, 30), options: [\playN])\a), bounds: 400@24, options: [\playN])

// level name and numerical value\a), options: [\playN, \level])

// a nameView and a fadeTime setter box\a), options: [\playN, \name, \fade])

// all of 'em\a), options: [\playN, \level, \name, \fade])

Class Variables

lastOutBus the highest outbus number to allow. Default is 99.

Instance Variables

config some information on what to display

ampSl an EZSlider for Monitor volume

playBut a play button - shows play or playN 

setOutBox a numberbox to set output routing

playNDialogBut opens a dialog window for playN output routing by code

fadeBox a numberbox for setting monitor fadeTime.

Some Methods

playNMode_ (flag) switches between playN mode (true) and play mode (false)

checkUpdate compare previous state with current state, and update gui elements.