PdefAllGui see all Pdefs and their state.

Inherits from: JITGui : TaskProxyAllGui

PdefAllGui uses PdefGui views to display all Pdefs, or a selection.

See also TdefAllGui, PdefGui

Overview: JITLib

Creation / Class Methods

*new(numItems, parent, bounds, makeSkip, makeEdit)

numItems - the maximum number of Pdefs that can be shown.

parent - a parent view on which to display. If nil, a new window is created;

parent can also be an existing window or a composite view.

bounds - a desired size and position where to display a JITGui. can be nil, 

a point, or a rect. JITGuis know their minimum size (minSize), 

and if bounds is nil, minSize is used.

if bounds is a point or rect, it will be set to at least minSize.

With a rect one can also supply a position where to display.

If a point,shown size is the maximum of bounds and minSize 

///// Not Done Yet, but on the list: 

options - the only option for PdefAllGui will be [\makeEdit] 

- adding a "front" PdefGui that also shows the front Pdef's envir. 

like PxMix and NPGui

makeSkip - A flag whether to make a skipjack.


Pdef(\a, { |e| 100.do { |i| i.postln; 0.5.wait } });

Pdef(\b,  { |e| 100.do { |i| Pdef(\a).set(\otto, 8.rand); exprand(0.1, 3.0).wait } });

t = PdefAllGui(8);


// if you have too many Pdefs, an ezscroller lets you select

"abcdefghijk".do { |ch| Pdef(ch.asSymbol) };

// you can also filter which ones you see:




// or better from gui



// if prefix is "", it will filter anything with "_" in it.