object to store control values and bus mappings independant of of a specific node.

set(key1, value1, ...) set arguments of a node

map(key1, busindex1, ...) set bus mappings of a node

unset(key1, key2, ...) remove settings

unmap(key1, key2, ...) remove mappings

setn(key1, valueArray1, ...) set ranges of controls

mapn(key1, busindex1,  numChan...) 

map num busses mappings to node

at(index) return setting at that key. 

sendToNode(aTarget, latency) apply a setting to a node by sending a bundle

send(server, nodeID, latency) apply a setting to a node by sending a bundle

addToBundle(aBundle) add all my messages to the bundle




{ arg freq=320, amp=0.2;,, 0, amp));



{ arg rate=2, busNum=0;,, 0, 0.1, 0.2)) 



//start nodes


b = Bus.control(s,1);

x = Synth("modsine");

y = Synth.before(x, "lfo", [\busNum, b]);


//create some node maps


h =;

h.set(\freq, 800);\amp, b);

k =;

k.set(\freq, 400);



//apply the maps

h.sendToNode(x); //the first time a new bundle is made


h.sendToNode(x); //the second time the cache is used


h.set(\freq, 600);

h.sendToNode(x); //when a value was changed, a new bundle is made

//free all;;;