ProxySynthDef synth def that wraps ugen graph

superclass: SynthDef

(used internally by NodeProxy)

*new(name, func, rates, prependArgs, makeFadeEnv, channelOffset=0, chanConstraint)

name, func,  rates, prependArgs: like in SynthDef

todo: add variants.


if true it constructs a fader envelope and adds controls for gate and fadeTime


a constant offset that is added to the out number


max numChannels for the synthdef. If ugenfunc returns a larger array, it wraps


always use OffsetOut, if set to true (default: false)

for inner workings see jitlib_fading

// example

a = ProxySynthDef("xtest", { * 0.1 });


x = Synth("xtest");



if the resulting number of channels is larger than a given channelConstraint,

it behaves according to the rate: audio rate signals are wrapped around

a smaller channel size, control rate signals are not (the exceeding channels are left out)