LFNoise2 quadratic noise

LFNoise2.ar(freq, mul, add)

LFNoise2.kr(freq, mul, add)

Generates quadratically interpolated random values at a rate.

freq - approximate rate at which to generate random values.

see also: LFDNoise3, LFNoise0, LFNoise1

Note: quadratic interpolation means that the noise values can occasionally extend beyond the normal range of +-1, if the freq varies in certain ways. If this is undesirable then you might like to clip2 the values, or use a linearly-interpolating unit instead.

{ LFNoise2.ar(1000, 0.25) }.play;

// modulate frequency

{ LFNoise2.ar(XLine.kr(1000, 10000, 10), 0.25) }.play;

// as frequency modulator


{ SinOsc.ar(

LFNoise2.ar(4, 400, 450),

0, 0.2




// freq is the rate of interpolation points

{ var freq = 1000; [LFNoise2.ar(freq), Impulse.ar(freq)] }.plot