SCFreqScopeWindow a nice wrapper for SCFreqScope

Inherits from: Object

SCFreqScopeWindow shows the frequency spectrum of the specified audio bus. The scope will

remain active after a command-period. To turn it off you must either click off the 'Power'

button or close the window.

Panel commands:

Power - Turns the scope on and off. This is useful for freezing the signal on the display

or for saving CPU.

BusIn - The audio bus to be analyzed.

FrqScl - Determines the mapping of frequencies on the x-axis. Can be linear (lin) or

logarithmic (log). Logarithmic is equal spacing per musical octave.

dbCut - Determines the lowest decibel shown on the y-axis.

See also: SCFreqScope

Creation / Class Methods

*new (width, height, busNum, scopeColor, bgColor)

width - Default value is 512.

height -Default value is 300.

busNum - The number of the audio Bus to be monitored.

scopeColor - An instance of Color. The drawing color of the scope.

bgColor - An instance of Color. The background color of the scope.

// must use internal server

s = Server.internal.boot;

// create a new analyzer, 200, 0);

// basic sine

{, 0, 0.25) }.play(s);

// random saw

{, 0.2),,1e4,1e4),, 0.2, 0.22)) }.play(s);

// modulate phase

{,,8000,10),0,2pi), 0.25) }.play(s);

// all harmonics

{,,100,10),0.2) }.play(s);

Subclassing and Internal Methods

The following methods are usually not used directly or are called by a primitive. Programmers can still call or override these as needed.


Returns a Boolean, whether the scope is open.


Returns the window in which the SCFreqScope view is placed.


Returns the SCFreqScope.