Unpack1FFT Unpack a single value (magnitude or phase) from an FFT chain

Unpack1FFT(chain, bufsize, binindex, whichmeasure=0)

Takes an FFT chain and extracts a single scalar value as a demand-rate stream. To call it you need a "demander" which fires whenever the FFT chain fires - this is normally achieved using PackFFT but can also be done using Demand. chain is an FFT chain, bufsize is the size of the expected input FFT frames, binindex is the integer index of the bin you want to query, and whichmeasure is 0 for magnitude and 1 for phase. None of these arguments can be modulated.

Note: The main purpose of this UGen is as a component in pvcollect, pvcalc, and pvcalc2 processes. You're welcome to use it on its own - the example below shows basic usage. But most people won't typically need to use it directly.



c = Buffer.read(s,"sounds/a11wlk01.wav");



// Let's extract the DC component - i.e. the magnitude at index zero.


x = {

var fftsize = 1024;

var sig, chain, unp;

sig = PlayBuf.ar(1, c, BufRateScale.kr(c), loop: 1);

chain = FFT(LocalBuf(fftsize), sig);

unp = Unpack1FFT(chain, b.numFrames, 0, 0);

// Demand some data from the unpacker

Demand.kr(chain>=0, 0, unp).poll(chain>=0, "unpacked value");





See also: UnpackFFT, PackFFT, pvcollect, pvcalc, pvcalc2