Filter patterns

Just like filter UGens modify an input signal, filter patterns modify the stream of values coming from a pattern.

We have already seen some operations that modify a stream of values: math operators (which render as Punop, Pbinop or Pnaryop patterns) and certain collection methods (mainly collect, select and reject). Filter pattern classes can do some other surprising and useful things.

All filter patterns take at least one source pattern, providing the values/events to be filtered. Some filter patterns are designed for value patterns, others for event patterns. A handful work equally well with both single values and events.

Following is a categorized overview. See the separate category documents for more detail.

Repetition and Constraint patterns

Time-based patterns

Adding values into event patterns

(Or, "Pattern Composition")

Parallelizing event patterns

Language control methods

Some patterns mimic language-style control methods: conditionals (Pif), loops (Pwhile) and error cleanup (Pprotect).

Server control methods

Data sharing

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